SKS VII: 211

Composed to be presented as part of a hundred poem sequence, when former Emperor Reizei was Crown Prince.


kaze wo itami
iFa utu nami no
onore nomi
kudakete mono wo
omoFu koro kana
The howling winds
Strike waves against the crags;
I alone,
Am shattered, gloom
Filling my thoughts these days…

Minamoto no Shigeyuki

KYS V: 313

Composed on the conception of Felicitation for a poetry competition held by the Kokiden Consort during the reign of Emperor Go-ichijō.


kimi ga yo Fa
suwe no matuyama no
Farubaru to
kosu siranami no
kazu mo shirarezu
Your Majesty’s reign:
Upon the pine-clad peak of Sué,
So distant
Break whitecaps
In numbers unknown to all!

The Monk Eisei

KYS IV: 284

Composed on the conception of snow as part of a hundred poem sequence.


ika ni semu
suwe no matuyama
nami kosaba
mine no Fatuyuki
kie mo koso sure
What am I to do?
If upon the pine-clad peak of Sué
The waves should break,
The first snows upon the peak
Would vanish clear away!

Minister of the Treasury [Ōe no] Masafusa

Love IV: 19

Left (Win).

kyō mo suginu to
omou ni wa
kururu sora sae
urameshiki kana
Has she spent today,
I think, and
Evening the darkening sky
Do I despise!

Lord Suetsune.


ayaniku ni
mono zo kanashiki
machishi hi wa
kumoru sora sae
ureshikarishi o
All is sadness;
All day I waited, and
The very clouding of the sky
Was a joy, but…

Lord Takanobu.

The Right: we find no faults to mention. The Left state: ‘The very clouding’ (kumoru sae koso) does not sound like a reference to the evening.

In judgement: in the Right’s poem, as it begins with  ‘unexpectedly’ (ayaniku ni), it then becomes unnecessary to mention clouding. The Left’s poem is pleasant. It should win.