MYS I: 74

A poem composed by the deceased Emperor on the occasion of a visit to the Yoshino Palace. 見吉野乃 山下風之 寒久尓 為當也今夜毛 我獨宿牟 み吉野の山のあらしの寒けくにはたや今夜も我が独り寝む miyosino noyama no arasi nosamukeku nipata ya koyopi mowa ga pitori nemu Though in fair YoshinoThe storm-winds off the mountainsFeel so chill,Yet again tonightWill I sleep alone? Emperor Monmu (683-707; r. 697-707)文武

GSS III: 117

After a man who was of a mind to become a monk had travelled to Yamato province and been there for some time, when a lady whom he had known before sent to him, enquiring how the cherry blossoms had been blooming lately. みよし野の吉野の山の桜花白雲とのみ見えまがひつゝ miyosino no yosino no yama no sakurabana sirakumo to nomi miemagaFitutu … Continue reading GSS III: 117


Topic unknown. よにふればうさこそまされみ吉野の岩のかけ道ふみならしてむ yo ni Fureba usa koso masare miyosino no iFa no kakemiti Fuminarasitemu Living in this world Brings only an excess of grief; Upon fair Yoshino’s Steep and rocky trails Would I set my feet. Anonymous

SZS I: 76

When he was asked to compose a thousand-poem sequence by someone, he composed this as a poem on blossom. み吉野の花の盛をけふ見ればこしの白根に春風ぞ吹く miyosino no Fana no sakari wo keFu mireba kosi no sirane ni Faru kaze zo Fuku In fair Yoshino The blossoms’ bounty I see today, so In Koshi on Shirane peak The spring breezes will … Continue reading SZS I: 76