Man’yō Name Asa
Modern Name Asa
麻 (アサ)
English Name Hemp (plant)
Scientific Name F. Moraceae
Cannabis sativa
Distribution Foreign plant introduced to Japan; gardens
Seasonal Association
The asa is one of the few plants in the Man’yōshū which has multiple Man’yō names, but which has been clearly identified as the same plant. In some of the poems listed below, different terms for the plant are used in different contexts.

Poems (28)


MYS I: 23
MYS I: 55
MYS II: 199
MYS IV: 521
MYS IV: 543
MYS V: 892
MYS VII: 1195
MYS VII: 1209
MYS VII: 1265
MYS VII: 1298
MYS IX: 1800
MYS IX: 1807
MYS XI: 2687
MYS XIII: 3324
MYS XIV: 3454
MYS XIV: 3484


MYS VI: 928
MYS VI: 1056
MYS XI: 2990
MYS XII: 3049
MYS XIII: 3243
MYS XIII: 3272
 MYS XIV: 3484
MYS XVI: 3791


MYS VII: 1176
MYS XIII: 3255
MYS XIV: 3348 MYS XIV: 3381  MYS XVI: 3404

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