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Pisakata nö

Meaning unknown. Used to modify ame/ama ‘heaven’, sora ‘sky’ and things connected with them such as: tuki ‘moon’, pi ‘sun’, piru ‘daytime’, ame ‘rain’, yuki ‘snow’, kasumi ‘haze’, posi ‘star’, pikari ‘light’ and yo ‘night. Also for katura ‘Katsura (tree)’, miyako ‘capital’, kagami ‘mirror’. One theory is that it derives from pi sasu kata ‘the direction from which the sun shines’, while the characters used to write it suggest the eternal and/or far-reaching nature of the heavens.


‘Pulling summer hemp’. Used to modify una ‘of the sea’, una ‘nape (of the neck)’, and place names such as unakami ‘Unakami’, etc., from the fact that hemp was harvested in summer and spun, umu. Also used to modify inoti ‘life’ as hemp was spun into thread, ito.