Autumn II: 11

Left (Tie).


mono’omoi wa de
kakaru tsuyu ya wa
sode ni oku
aki no yūgure
Without deep thought
Would such dewdrops
Fall upon my sleeves?
No, my gaze has, indeed, been lost
Upon this autumn evening…

A Servant Girl.


Right (Tie).


sate mo sa wa
ika ni kasubeki
mi no usa o
aki no yūgure
And so
How should I escape
From my misery?
I thought t’was done and yet
Am faced with a lonely autumn evening…



Both teams feel the other’s poem is ‘most fine’.

Shunzei’s judgement: Both poems take the topic of ‘Autumn evenings’ and present one type of emotional import before reversing it, making it difficult to judge between them. It would seem arbitrary to assign a winner and loser between such phrases as the Left’s initial section ‘Would such dewdrops fall upon my sleeves?’ (kakaru tsuyu ya wa sode ni oku) and the Right’s final section ‘I thought t’was done and yet am faced with a lonely autumn evening…’ (omoihatsureba aki no yūgure). Thus, the round ties.

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