Autumn II: 28

Left (Tie).


kokoro no sue mo
tomare to ya
tsuki ni yado kasu
hirosawa no ike
‘Your wandering gaze
Will find a resting place
Here!’, is that what you say?
Lending lodging to the moon,
O, pond at Hirosawa!

Lord Kanemune.


Right (Tie).


sarashina mo
akashi mo koko ni
tsuki no hikari wa
hirosawa no ike
Should I Sarashina and
Akashi bring
The best moonlight would be on
Hirosawa Pond.



Neither Left nor Right have any criticisms to make this round.

Shunzei’s judgement: The Left’s “‘Will find a resting place here!’, is that what you say?” (kokoro no sue mo tomare to ya) seems particularly fine [yoroshiku koso miehaberu], but so is the Right’s “Akashi bring here” (akashi mo koko ni sasoikite) in form and diction [sugata kotoba] and so it is impossible to say it is inferior to the Left. This is a solid tie [yoki ji].

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