Autumn III: 14

Left (Win).


kimi ga hen
yo o kokonoka no
kyō koto ni
kiku o tsumite zo
toshi o tsumubeki
That you, my Lord, will pass through
The world – on the Ninth –
Today, above all
We pick chrysanthemums that
Your years may pile upon each other.

Lord Ari’ie.




kimi ga yo wa
kyō tsumu kiku ni
oku tsuyu no
tsumorite fuchi to
yo made ni
My Lord, your life:
Today, I pluck chrysanthemums
Dropped with dew;
Mount up and a deep, deep pool
Become – until then let life last!

Lord Tsune’ie.


The Right have no criticisms to make of the Left’s poem. The Left say that the Right’s overly resembles Lord Toshiyori’s ‘The upper pine branches/Dropped with dew’.

Shunzei’s judgement: In addition to being old-fashioned [furuki], the Right’s poem has ‘life’ (yo) in both its initial and final sections. The Left must win.

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