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Kazan Sōjō

A reference to Henjō (816-890) one of the major poets of the Kokinshu. In the Preface to this anthology, Ki no Tsurayuki describes Henjō as one whose ‘style is good but who lack sincerity. His poetry is like a painting of a woman which stirs one’s heart in vain.’ (as translated by Laurel Rasplica Rodd (1996: 43)) 「僧正遍照は、歌の様は得たれども、誠少し。たとへば、絵に描ける女を見て、いたづらに心を動かすがごとし」[sōjō henjō wa uta no sama wa etaredomo makoto sukoshi. tatoeba e ni kakeru onna o mite itazura ni kokoro o ugokasu ga gotoshi.]

Duke Wen of Jin

Duke Wen of Jin (晉文公; Jìn Wén Gōng, 697–628 BC) was the ruler of the state of Jin from 636-628 BC. He is remembered in the histories for having spent much of his life in exile from his home following a breakdown in relations with his father. Upon his assumption of the Dukedom, the state of Jin expanded and became one of the most powerful in ancient China.