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GSS XVI: 1131

On taking the ceremonial wine cup in the Imperial Presence on the day of the extraordinary Kamo Festival, during the Engi period.


kakute nomi
yamubeki mono ka
kamo no yasiro no
yoroduyo wo mimu
With this simply
Should it end?
Kamo Shrine
Will see ten thousand ages pass!

The Sanjō Minister of the Right
(Fujiwara no Sadakata 藤原定方 (873-932))

GSS XVI: 1182

When the Biwa Minister of the Left, having some use for them, requested some oak leaves, and this was sent to the house of his acquaintence, Chikane, to obtain them.


wa ga yado wo
itu narasite ka
nara no Fa wo
narasigaFo ni Fa
wori ni okosuru
With my home
When did you become so familiar?
That leaves of oak
So freely
Do you send to pick!


GSS XIV: 1024

When a man who had long visited a woman at the house of the Sugawara Minister, ceased coming for a while, and then came once more.


sugaFara ya
Fusimi no sato no
aresi yori
kayoFisi Fito no
ato mo taeniki
Sedge fields lie
Around the estate of Fushimi,
All long overgrown;
He who passed across them
Has left no tracks at all…


GSS X: 682

At around the the time the Kanpyō Emperor took Holy Orders, ladies were only permitted to serve him from beyond his curtains, and being unable to approach him closely, she wrote this and fastened it to his screen.


kage Fumu bakari
tare ka nakoso no
seki o suweken
If I were to approach,
I would simply step upon your shadow;
I am so close, yet
Who is it  Nakoso – Come not –
That barrier has placed between us?

The Kohachijō Miyasudokoro 小八条御息所
[Minamoto no Sadako 源貞子]