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GSS IV: 159

Topic unknown.


satuki matu tomo
Fane naraFasi ni
eda uturiseyo
Hidden ’mongst the trees
Awaiting the Fifth Month, yet,
O, Little Cuckoo,
At least try to spread your wings
And hop from branch to branch.

Ise (d. ca. 939)

GSS III: 123

On the road, on a profusion of blossom around the Third Month.


wori tureba
tabusa ni kegaru
miyo no Fotoke ni
Fana tatematuru
Were I to pluck one,
My hand would besmirch it, so
As they stand
To the Three Worlds’ Buddhas
I’ll proffer these flowers.

Archbishop Henjō

GSS III: 105

After Sukenobu’s Mother died, Atsutada often visited the house; when the cherry blossoms were falling, he was beneath a tree, when someone from the house said:


ima yori Fa
kaze ni makasemu
tiru ko no moto ni
kimi tomarikeri
From this point on
It rests with the wind;
Cherry blossoms
Fall yet, beneath the tree, with his son
My Lord has remained.


GSS II: 57

When going to a place far distant from his home, he garlanded some cherry blossoms from his garden.


nusi wo wasurenu
mono naraba
Fukikomu kaze ni
kotodute Fa seyo
O, cherry blossoms,
Do not forget your master;
If such you are, then
With the gusting wind,
Send me a word.

The Minister of the Right, Sugawara [no Michizane] (845-903)

GSS I: 17

He had planted some plum trees with crimson blossoms in his garden and, when they were late to bloom the following Spring…


yado tikaku
utusite uFesi
kaFi mo naku
matidowo ni nomi
niFoFu Fana kana
Closer to my home
I brought them and replanted,
But to no avail;
All they do is keep me waiting,
Those lustrous flowers!

Fujiwara no Kanesuke (877-933)

GSS I: 5

On the occasion of a Ne no bi celebration by His Majesty, Retired Emperor Suzaku (923-952; r. 930-946), being unwell and unable to attend, he sent Lord [Minamoto no] Nobumitsu (923-998) this poem.


matu mo naki
wakana mo tumazu
narinuru wo
itusika sakura
Faya mo sakanamu
Not a pine
Nor a young shoot have I plucked
That’s all that’s come of today;
How I wish the cherries
Would bloom more quickly!

The Minister of the Left [Fujiwara no Saneyori (900-970)]