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KYS II: 101

n the Fourth Month of the First Year of the Ōtoku period (1084) at the Sanjō Palace he composed this on the profusion of leaves on the trees in the garden.


niFa mo Fabiro ni
koya yuFu sidete
kami maturu koro
The oak trees
In the garden in full fledge
Do stand.
Look! Mulberry streamers flutter
For the gods here now!

Major Councillor [Minamoto no] Tsunenobu

KYS IV: 260

Composed on drizzle, for a notebook match held at the residence of Fujiwara no Chikako, Junior Second Rank.


katu tiru yama no
momidiba wo
ika ni fuku yo no
arashi naruran
Constant drizzle falls
All over the mountain’s scattered
Scarlet leaves, so
It may as well blow through the world:
The storming wind!

Master of the Palace Repairs Office Akisue

KYS III: 164

Composed on the topic of ‘autumn wind at a hut in the fields’, when he had gone with various people to Lord Morokata’s residence at Unozu.


yū sareba
kadota no inaba
ashi no maroya ni
akikaze zo fuku
When the evening comes
The rice-seedling fronds before my door
Sound out—
Around this reed-roofed hut
The autumn wind is blowing.

Middle Councellor Tsunenobu

KYS I: 19

Composed on the scent of plum blossom at night.


mume ga e ni
kaze ya Fukuran
Faru no yo Fa
woranu sode saFe
nioFinuru kana
Are the plum trees’ branches
Being blown by the wind?
On a night in springtime
Even unfolded sleeves
Give forth a scent!

Nagafusa, Former Assistant Governor General of the Dazaifu

KYS I: 8

In reply:


asato akete
Faru no kozuwe no
yuki mireba
FatuFana tomo ya
On opening my morning door, and
In springtime on the treetops
Snow seeing,
‘First flowers’, perhaps
I should call it…

Master of the Crown Prince’s Household Office [Fujiwara no] Kinzane (1053-1107)

KYS I: 7

Sent around the First Day of the First Month, when snow was falling.


aratama no
tosi no Fadime ni
Fatuyuki to koso
When at the jewel-bright, new
Year’s beginning
It falls so heavily,
‘First snow’,
I should call it.

Master of the Office of Palace Repairs [Fujiwara no] Akisue (1055-1123)

KYS I: 2

Produced on the conception of the first day of the year, when hundred poem sequences were ordered to commemorate the reign of former Emperor Horikawa.


Faru Fa kinkeri
yama kaFa no
iFama no koFori
keFu ya tokuran
Trailing in,
Spring has come;
In the mountain streams
Between the rocks the ice
May melt today, I think.

Master of the Palace Repairs Office [Fujiwara no] Akisue