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KKS I: 37

Topic unknown.


yoso ni nomi
aFare to zo misi
ume no Fana
akanu iroka Fa
Simply at a distance
Did their sight move me, but that
Of Plum blossoms’
Hue and scent, I never can be sated
I know now I have plucked them!

The Monk Sosei

KKS I: 36

Composed when he picked some plum blossoms.


uguFisu no
kasa ni nuFu teFu
ume no Fana
worite kazasamu
oi kakuru ya to
That the warbler
A parasol does weave, they say, so
Plum blossom
Should I pluck and wear within my hair
To hide the signs of age?

The Higashi Sanjō Minister

KKS I: 30

Composed when hearing the geese calling and thinking of someone who had gone to Koshi.


Faru kureba
kari kaFerunari
shirakumo no
mitiyukiburi ni
koto ya tutemasi
When spring does come,
The geese head home;
Among clouds of white
Upon their way, O,
I would they’d take a message with them!

Ōshikōchi no Mitsune

KKS I: 27

Composed on a willow near the great Western Temple.


ito yorikakete
shiratuyu wo
tama ni mo nukeru
Faru no yanagi ka
Pale green
Threads entwining and
With white dew
Jewels a’strung –
That is a willow in springtime!

Archbishop Henjō

KKS I: 21

A poem composed by the Ninna Emperor when he was a prince, and someone presented him with some fresh herbs.


kimi ga tame
Faru no no idete
wakana tumu
wa ga koromode ni
yuki Fa Furitutu
For you
In springtime do I go out to
Pluck fresh herbs, while
Upon my sleeves
The snow is ever falling.

Emperor Kōkō