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SZS IV: 271

Composed on the conception of thinking about flowers in the meadows.


ima wa simo
Fo ni idenuramu
adumadi no
iFata no wono no
sino no wosusuki
Now it is that
Their fronds seem to appear:
On the eastern roads,
Through Iwata meadows,
Fresh silver-grass among the arrow bamboo.

Fujiwara no Kore’ie

SZS VI: 389

Composed on the conception of the beginning of winter at the time a hundred poem sequence was presented during the reign of Former Emperor Horikawa.


midu no miwada no
Fusiduke ni
iFama no koForu
Fuyu Fa kinikeri
On the River Izumi
The water pools
Around the fish-traps,
Frozen between the rocks,
Winter has come, indeed.

Fujiwara no Nakazane

SZS XII: 708

Composed on the conception of love that is unrequited despite one’s prayers, when composing ten poems on love at the residence of Supernumerary Middle Councillor Toshitada.


Fito wo Fatuse no
yo Fagesikare to Fa
inoranu mono wo
A heartless
Woman is as Hatsuse’s
Mountain winds,
Raging in the night, they say, and
As unmoved by prayer…

Minamoto no Shunrai

SZS XVI: 971

After Prince Tametaka, Commissioner of the Board of Censors, had died, she sent Prince Atsumichi, Governor-General of Dazai, some orange blossom, and when he asked what they meant, sent him:


kaworu ka ni
yosoFuru yori Fa
kikaba ya onazi
kowe ya sitaru to
Scenting their fragrance
In place of his – rather
The cuckoo
I would hear, for his call
Is just the same…

Izumi Shikibu