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SKS V: 164

Composed for the Poetry Competition held at the Residence of the Former Uji Grand Minister in Chōgen 8 [1035].


kimi ga yo Fa
sirakumo kakaru
tukubane no
mine no tuduki no
umi to naru made
My Lord’s reign:
White clouds cling
To the peak of Tsukuba;
Until those very heights
Shall sink into the sea!


SKS VII: 218

Composed for the Poetry Competition held at the Residence of Middle Councillor Toshitada.


kurenawi no
kosome no koromo
uFe ni kimu
koFi no namida  no
iro kakuru ya to
In scarlet
Deeply dyed, a robe
Would I put on
That my tears of love’s
Hue be concealed!

Fujiwara no Akitsuna

SKS VII: 207

A boy at the Mii Temple had promised to let him know if he came to the capital; although he heard that the boy was there, when he did not come to visit him, he sent him the following:


kage mienu
kimi Fa amayo no
tuki nare ya
idete mo Fito ni
Unseen is the brightness of your face ?
Are you as a rain-filled night’s
Moon, perhaps?
Emerging, yet to folk
Not letting on!.

Bishop Kakuga (1090 – 1146)

SKS VII: 202

Topic unknown.


tosi wo Fete
moyu teFu Fudi no
yama yori mo
aFanu omoFi Fa
ware zo masareru
Through all the passing years
Burns Fuji;
Far more than the mountain,
Not meeting you, the flames of passion,
Burn brightly in me.


SKS I: 50

On the last day of the Third Month, when His Majesty’s gentlemen had been summoned before Him and commanded to compose on the spirit of the end of Spring, His Majesty composed the following.


osimu tote
koyoFi kakiwoku
koto no Fa ya
ayanaku Faru no
katami narubeki
Feeling regret,
Tonight I write down
These lines,
So empty; of Spring
Might they serve as a reminder…?

The New Retired Emperor [Sutoku (1119 – 1164; r. 1123 – 1141)]