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MYS VI: 990

A poem on a pine tree in Shigeoka in Atomi, by Ki no Shikahito


sigewoka ni
kamusabi tatite
tiyo matu no ki no
tosi no siranaku
In Shigeoka
Divinely stands
A pine for a thousand generations
All unknowing of the passing years.

Ki no Shikahito


MYS V: 815

On the 13th day of First Month Tenpyō 2, there was a gathering at the residence of the Governor General for a banquet. That year the month was truly a perfect example of early spring, with a sublime atmosphere and gentle breezes. The plum blossom bloomed with the whiteness of the powder one applies before a mirror; the orchids gave off a scent like that trailed behind one from a perfumed sachet. Moreover, in the morning the clouds moved across the peaks, and capped the pine trees with a silken gauze. Then with the evening mists rose from the mountain caverns, and birds, lost in the silken folds, flew in confusion through the woods. In the garden, new-born butterflies danced, while in the skies, geese flew homeward. Thus, with the heavens to cover us, and the land spread out before, we sat with knees close together and the wine-cups flew back and forth. All of us together quite forgot our words, and allowed our hearts to fly free in the beautiful scene. Truly, there is no way to measure the emotions of the time, so filled with pleasure were we. Were it not for poetry, how could we record our feelings? In the poetry of Cathay, there are volumes on the fallen blossoms, but what difference is there between those ancient compositions and those of the present? And so, and so, shall we not compose short poems on this garden of blossoming plum?


mutuki tati
paru no kitaraba
kaku shi koso
mume wo manekitutu
tanosiki opeme
The First Month appears and
With the coming of spring
Beckoned by plum blossom
Will we exhaust ourselves with joy!

Senior Assistant Governor General, Lord Ki

Mandaishū XIV: 2648

Composed on Love after Parting during the reign of Former Emperor Nijō (1143-1165; r. 1158-1165).


nagarete to koso
omoishi ka
ko wa ika ni shite
The River Minase
Rapidly runs – did
I think that once?
Now what am I to do
That our parting has begun?

Minister of Justice [Fujiwara no] Norikane

Mandaishū XI: 2183

On the conception of Love on a First Meeting.


ima yori mo
kokoro nagasa o
tsuraki o dani mo
urami ya wa seshi
From now
On your faithfulness
Will I rely!
Or your cruelty –
Will that be what I despise?

Senior Assistant Governor General of Dazai [Fujiwara no] Shige’ie