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Ise-shū 348

From the Master of the Right Capital Office, when the pinks were blooming in profusion.


wa ga sode ni
utsuraba utsure
te mo yamazu
tsumi ya iremashi
nadeshiko no hana
If, to my sleeves
It is to shift, then let it!
My hand will not cease
To pick and I would tuck within
A flowering pink!

Minamoto no Muneyuki

Ise-shū 465

Attached to some lilac daphne.


Fana no iro no
koki o misu tote
kokitaru o
oroka ni Fito Fa
omoFuran ya zo
‘The blossom’s hues’
Depth show me!’ you say, and
O, how foolish, would it be
For me to care for you?

Ise-shū 358

My reply:


kimi ni to si
uguFisu no
hana no kusige mo
For my Lady did
I fondly think, so
The warbler’s
Comb of blossom
I do not regret at all…


Ise-shū 357

When the Crown Prince Lady of the Bedchamber held a box match, and I said I would place some budding scarlet plum in my box, Her Majesty, Empress Dowager stated:


midu no e no
katami to omoFedo
uguFisu no
Fana no kusige Fa
akete dani mizu
By the waters’ edge
A keepsake, I thought this was, yet
The warbler’s
Comb of blossom on
Opening, I see not within…

Ise Shū 51

While saying this, the night lightens and the man:


aFu koto no
aFanu yo nagara
ware koso kaFere
kokoro ya Fa yuku
With a meeting
We did not meet tonight, yet
Dawn is breaking;
I may depart, but
Will my heart – are we thus content?

Ise Shū 50

Upon hearing this, as the snow falls:


kaFeru sa no
miti yukubeku mo
koForite yuki no
Furisi masareba
Upon my homeward
Path of setting foot
I cannot think:
For ’tis frozen and snow
Has fallen fine atop it.

Ise Shū 49

In the Twelfth Month, the man comes. As her father hears he is trying to meet her and will not allow it, he leaves, and the woman:


yoru koyu to
tare ka tugekemu
aFusaka no
seki katamumeri
hayaku kaFerine
That you would come tonight
Someone has revealed, it seems, and
Upon the hill of meeting
The barrier is warded well;
Swiftly hie you homeward!

Ise Shū 48

Seeing how he seems to be suffering, she calls him to her curtains, and speaks with him:


sigure bakari ni
yamabiko no
kowe wo katami ni
kikikaFasu kana
The unceasing
Drizzle, alone, brings
The echo of
Our voices, between
Us passing.