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Ise Mongatari, Chapter 96

Written by a woman and sent to a man whom she had promised to marry, after her family have disagreed and taken her away:


aki kakete
iFisinagara mo
ko no Fa Furisiku
e ni koso arikere
‘When autumn comes’
I said,
And yet, ‘tis not to be;
Fallen leaves swept along
The inlet, indeed!

Ise Monogatari, Chapter 12

Once, long ago there was a man. He abducted someone’s daughter and when they reached Musashi Plain, as he was plainly a kidnapper, he would have been seized by the provincial governor’s men. Leaving the woman in the grasses, he fled. The pursuers, saying to themselves that doubtless the abductor was hiding there, set the plain alight. The woman, panicked, cried out:


musasino Fa
keFu Fa na yaki so
wakakusa no
tuma mo komoreri
ware mo komoreri
O, Musashi Plain
Burn not this day!
Fresh grass,
My man is hidden there,
As, too, am I…

Hearing this, they found her and, together with the man who had been found elsewhere, took her back with them.

Genji monogatari 195


isezima ya
siFoFi no kata ni
iFukaFinaki Fa
wagami narikeri
At the Isle of Ise,
Upon the tide-revealed sands
I gather shellfish, yet
To no avail:
That is my sorry lot!

Suma, Genji monogatari

Genji monogatari 208


yamagatu no
iFori ni takeru
sibasiba mo
koFuru satobito
The mountain folk
Within their huts kindle
Firewood ever;
How I would that I could ask after
My distant love…

Suma, Genji Monogatari