Dairi uta’awase Kanna Gan-nen 1

On the tenth day of the Eighth Month, Kanna 1,[1] His Majesty[2] entered the Courtiers’ Hall briefly and divided the gentlemen in attendance into teams for a poetry contest. His Majesty’s partner was Supernumerary Middle Counsellor Kintō, and he provided of the four topics. Judgements were by Koreshige.


Left (Win)


aki no yo no
tsuki ni kokoro wa
kumoi ni mono o
omou koro kana
On an autumn night
By the moon is my heart
Things beyond the clouds
Fill my thoughts a while!

His Majesty



itsumo miru
tsuki zo to omoe
aki no yo wa
ikanaru kage o
souru naruran
Every time I see
The moon it fills my thoughts, but
On an autumn night
What light is it that
Does seem to cover all?

Lord Kintō

[1] 28.8.985

[2] Emperor Kazan 花山 (968-1008; r. 984-986).

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