GSS XI: 710

Taira no Sadafun had been conversing with a lady at the residence of Major Counsellor Kunitsune in great secrecy and matters had progressed to the point that they had vowed to be with each other to the end, when the lady was abruptly welcomed into the residence of the late Grand Minister, so he had no way at all of even exchanging letters with her; thus, when the lady’s five year old child was playing in the western wing of the minister’s mansion, Sadafun called her over and saying, ‘Show this to your mother,’ wrote this on her upper arm.


mukasi sesi
wa ga kanegoto no
kanasiki Fa
ika ni tigirisi
Long ago did
I promise, but
Might the sadness
Of how I did once vow
Be my only keepsake?

Taira no Sadafun

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

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