Jidai fudō uta’awase 56

Round Fifty-Six



sumiyoshi no
matsu o akikaze
fuku kara ni
koe uchisouru
oki tsu shiranami
When through Sumiyoshi’s
Pines the autumn wind
Does blow,
Draped are they by the roar of
Whitecaps in the offing.




naki yowaru
magaki no mushi mo
aki no wakare ya
Faintly crying,
The insects in the cage, too,
Do they find it difficult to halt
The parting Autumn
And feel this sadness?


[i] A minor variation on a poem from Shūishū (XVII: 1112) with a variant initial line, using the place name Sumiyoshi, rather than Suminoe: For a folding screen at the residence of Major Captain of the Right Sadakuni.

[ii] SZS VII: 478: A person who was going far away came to see her and left with the dawn; it was the last day of the Ninth Month and the insects were crying movingly, so she composed:

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