KKS III: 166

Composed after midnight, when the moon was shining beautifully.


natu no yo Fa
mada yoFi nagara
akenuru wo
kumo no iduko ni
tuki yadoruramu
On summer nights
It’s just past sundown, and
Already dawn is breaking,
But, where amongst the clouds
Does the moon find lodging?


3 thoughts on “KKS III: 166”

  1. Regarding the romanization of the second line: in まだよひながら, is wi an alternative classical pronunciation for the character ひ? Are there variant texts that give 宵 as よゐ?

    The University of Virginia version has the line written as follows:まだ宵ながら, which they have transliterated as mada yoi nagara using the modern pronunciation.

    1. No – this particular word would have always originally have been written よひ in kana and pronounced yoFi in Heian times and yopi in Nara. There is a separate word 夜居 (yowi), which meant ‘serve at the palace all night’ or ‘conduct religious observances all night’. You’ve spotted a transcription mistake, which I have now corrected.

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