KKS IX: 406

Composed when he was in China, gazing up at the moon.


ama no Fara
kasuga naru
mikasa no yama ni
idesi tuki kamo
To the fields of heaven,
I lift my gaze;
In Kasuga
Above Mount Mikasa
Appeared the selfsame moon.

Abe no Nakamaro (ca 700-770)

It is told that, a long time ago, Nakamaro had been sent to China to study and, after many years without being able to return home, he had the chance to take passage with a Japanese embassy; on saying he was departing , some Chinese gave him a farewell banquet at a place called Meishū (Mingzhou) on the coast. When it grew dark, he saw that a particularly beautiful moon was shining, and composed this poem.


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