Kojiki 90

A song the Kojiki attributes to Prince Kinashi no Karu, immediately before his joint suicide with his lover and sister, Princess Sotôshi. It seems more likely, however, that the song was originally a lament.

隱り國の 泊瀨の河の 上つ瀨に 齋杙を打ち 下つ瀨に 眞杙を打ち 齋杙には 鏡を懸け 眞杙には 眞玉を懸け 眞玉如す 吾が思ふ妹 鏡如す 吾が思ふ妻 ありと言はばこそに 家にも行かめ 國をも偲はめ

kömöriku nö
patuse nö kapa nö
kami tu se ni
ikupi wo uti
simo tu se ni
ma kupi wo uti
i kupi ni pa
kagami wo kakë
makupi ni pa
matama wo kakë
matama nasu
a ga möpu imo
kagami nasu
a ga möpu tuma
ari tö ipaba kösö ni
ipe ni mö yukamë
kuni wo mö sinopamë
In a hidden land
Flows the River Hatsuse:
In the upper shallows
Was driven in a sacred stake;
And in the lower shallows,
Was driven in a true stake.
On the sacred stake
Hangs a mirror;
And on the true stake
Hangs a pure jewel.
As a jewel
Was my beloved;
As a mirror
Was my wife:
Were she only there,
I would return to my house,
I would return to my home.

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