Kurōdo no tō-ke uta’awase 1

On the 7th day of the Seventh Month,[1] the gentlemen and ladies were divided into teams at the residence of the Head Chamberlain[2] and made to conduct a poetry contest, with the topic being ‘Bell Crickets’.


tanabata ni
kashi ya mitsuran
suzumushi no
kumoi harukeki
ne koso kikoyure
To the Weaver Maid
It has been lent—is that what I see?
The bell crickets’
Cloud clearing
Cry I do hear!


[1] This contest took place on the 7th day of the Seventh Month Eien 永延 2 [21.8.988].

[2] Fujiwara no Sanesuke 藤原実資 (957-1046).

[3] Identity unknown.

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