Love I: 10



ima zo shiru
amata arikeru
kokoro to wa
shinobu mono kara
hito no koishiki
Now, I understand!
How manifold is
The heart, for
One part waits, while
Another longs for you…

Lord Suetsune.




kokoro no soko no
yume naraba
samete no nochi mo
hito ni kataraji
Feelings dammed
Within the bottom of my heart:
I may dream them, but
On waking
There is no one I will tell….



The Gentlemen of the Right state: the Left’s poem does not sound as if the heart is especially manifold. The love is, indeed, kept secret. The Gentlemen of the Left state: while by mentioning ‘Feelings dammed within the bottom’ (omoiseku kokoro no soko), the Left reminds one of water, there is nothing in the poem to recollect a ‘dream’.

Shunzei’s judgement: the Left’s form [utazama] does not seem to suggest a manifold heart, and the Right, too, does not sound like the heart’s depths, so the round should tie.

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