Love I: 9

Left (Win).


ukimi tote
sa nomi wa ikaga
iwade kuyashiki
koto mo koso are
How pitiful am I!
How can I simply
Conceal my feelings
And say nothing? But painful
Events might unfold…





iro ni ide
iwanu omoi no
nagusame ha
hito no tsurasa o
shiranubakari zo
Rather than burst out with words of love,
Leaving them unspoken, my feelings does
Console; then
Her coldness
Remains unknown…



The Right find no fault with the Left’s poem, nor do the Left with the Right.

Shunzei’s judgement: ‘Once more neither poem loses or gains to the other in terms of form [utazama wa itaku shōretsu naku haberedo], but the Right has the poet being consoled by his silence, while the Left regrets what may happen. This emotional overtone is slight more refined [isasaka kokoro kashikoki] and so the Left should win.’

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