Love III: 21

Left (Win).

nami zo yoru
kitemo mirume wa
naki mono o
urami naretaru
shiga no satobito
The waves roll in,
Approaching yet, seaweed
Have I none
And accustomed to despair am I
Like one dwelling in Shiga…

A Servant Girl.


kimi yue ni
namida no kawa ni
miotsukushi tomo
narihatene to ya
For your sake
In a river of tears
I am afloat;
Though I am not a channel buoy,
Is that how I am to reach my end?

Lord Tsune’ie

The Right state: the Left’s initial line is unsatisfactory. The Left state: the Right’s central line is also unsatisfactory.

In judgement: it is not just that the Right’s central line is unsatisfactory. A channel buoy, planted in a river and rotting away is quite a commonplace occurrence. For something to be ‘afloat’ (yurasaru), you would need to refer to flotsam, either of wood or bamboo. The Left should win.

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