Love IV: 17

Left (Win).

ōkata no
tsuyu wa hiruma zo
wa ga sode hitotsu
nokoru shizuku ni
In general,
The dew would daytime dry become
While we are parted, but
On my sleeves alone
Remain droplets…

Lord Sada’ie.


hiru to kikishi o
ika nareba
koisuru sode wa
When daylight comes
Dry they should be, I heard, but
Why is it, then, that
The sleeves of one in love are
So exceedingly damp?

Lord Tsune’ie.

The Right state: the conception of the Left’s poem is somewhat unclear. The Left state: the contents of the Right’s poem are pedestrian.

In judgement: is the conception of the Left’s poem, of the droplets remaining on one’s sleeves throughout the day being dewfall really that unclear? On hearing the Right’s akenureba hiru, I wondered what had happened to the morning? In addition, just having hiru and not hiruma is confusing. The poem does not say enough.

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