MYS I: 9

A poem composed on the occasion of an Imperial Visit to the hot springs of Kii province.

莫囂圓隣之大相七兄爪謁氣 吾瀬子之 射立為兼 五可新何本


uranami sawaku
wa ga seko ga
itu kasi ga moto
Have the rowdy breakers in the bay;
My dear one
Stood, no doubt,
At the foot of the sacred oak!

Princess Nukata

5 thoughts on “MYS I: 9”

    1. Yes – as I mention in the note to the translation, there are a number of different interpretations of the initial lines, of which this is only one.

      1. Article updated, though your translation contradicts Alexander Vovin’s personal translation of Omodaka’s interpretation (2017: 46, “The waves in the bay that were calm are raging”) by adjective – subject noun – verb order of the first two lines; so my personal translation was used in Vovin’s favor. Thanks once again!

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