MYS II: 146

A poem composed on the occasion of the Imperial visit to the province of Ki in the first year of Taihō [701].


noti mimu to
kimi ga musuberu
ipasiro no
komatu ga ure wo
mata mo mimu kamo
Thinking to see it more
The Prince did tie
At Iwashiro
Pine saplings’ tips –
I wonder, will he see them more…

This poem appears in the Kakinonomoto no Hitomaro Collection.

4 thoughts on “MYS II: 146”

    1. There are differing opinions about the ‘Hitomaro Collection’, with some scholars suggesting it’s an anthology Hitomaro put together; other scholars suggest it was edited after his death. Regardless of this, the consensus is that the collection contains works which were probably by him, and poems that probably weren’t, and there are disagreements over which poems fall into which category. So, this is a long-winded way of saying that this poem might be by him, but also might not.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. There is also one very minor typo in the endnote for this poem (“Kakinomoto” is missing the last o).

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