MYS IX: 1764

A poem on Tanabata, with tanka.

久方の 天の川原に 上つ瀨に 玉橋渡し 下つ瀨に 舟浮け据ゑ 雨降りて 風吹かずとも 風吹きて 雨降らずとも 裳濡らさず やまず來ませと 玉橋渡す

pisakata no
ama no kapara ni
kami tu se ni
tamapasi watasi
simo tu se ni
pune ukesuwe
ame purite
kaze pukazu to mo
kaze pukite
ame purazu to mo
mo nurasazu
yamazu kimase to
tamapasi watasu
On the eternal
Course of heaven’s river,
Over the upper shoals
Spans the bridge of jewels;
By the downstream shallows
A boat floats ready;
When rain falls
Without a breath of wind
And wind blows
Without a drop of rain,
“Not wetting your skirt,
Don’t wait, come to me!”
I cross the bridge of jewels.

Fujiwara no Fusasaki

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