MYS V: 813

On a hill facing the sea in the fields of Kofu, near the village of Fukae in the district of Ito in Chikuzen province are two stones. The larger is one shaku two sun and six bu long, one shaku eight sun and six bu around, and weighs eighteen kin and five ryō ; the smaller is one shaku and one sun long, one shaku and eight sun around and weighs sixteen kin and ten ryō. Both are oval in shape, like a chicken’s egg. Their beauty is such that it is impossible to put into words. These are the things called jewels one shaku around. (Some say that these two stone were originally taken from Hirashiki in the district of Sonoki in Bizen province, and were brought for use in divination.) They can be found close to the road, about twenty leagues past the post house at Fukae. Both officials travelling on business, and ordinary travellers both, all dismount from their horses by them and do them homage. The old men of the area have the following tale to tell of them: long ago, when Okitagatarashihime no mikoto led the invasion of the land of Silla, she used these two stones, binding them in her sleeves in order to delay her pregnancy (in fact, she placed them under her skirt), so it is for this reason that travellers on the road pay them homage, and the following poems were composed.

かけまくは あやに畏し 足日女 神の命 韓国を 向け平らげて 御心を 鎮め たまふと い取らして 斎ひたまひし 真玉なす 二つの石を 世の人に 示したまひて 万代に 言ひ継ぐかねと 海の底 沖つ深江の 海上の 子負の原に 御手づから 置かしたまひて 神ながら 神さびいます 奇し御魂 今のをつづに 貴きろかむ

kakemaku pa
aya ni kasikosi
kami no mikoto
karakuni wo
mikokoro wo
sidumetamapu to
matama nasu
putatu no isi wo
yo no pito ni
yoroduyo ni
i[itugukane to
wata no soko
oki tu pukae no
unakami no
kopu no para ni
ima no otsudu ni
To put this into words
Does fill me with awe:
When Tarashihime
The divine Goddess,
The land of Korea
Did subjugate,
Her divine spirit
For to quell
She, with all due care, took up and
As true gems
Twin stones, and
Before the folk of this world
Displayed them;
Retold shall this be;
Deep the sea
At Fukae, where
On the shore at
The field of Kofu
With Her own hands
She did place them, and
Divine they are
Stones with living spirits:
Now, of what lies before you
Be awed!

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