MYS VI: 926

やすみしし 我ご大君は み吉野の 秋津の小野の 野の上には 跡見据ゑ置きて み山には 射目立て渡し 朝狩に 獸踏み起し 夕狩に 鳥踏み立て 馬竝めて 御狩ぞ立たす 春の茂野に

wago opokimi pa
miyosino nö
akidu nö wono no
no nö pë ni pa
tomi suweokite
miyama ni pa
ime tatewatasi
asa kari ni
sisi pumiokosi,
yupu kari ni
töri pumitate
uma namete
mikari zö tatasu
paru nö sigeno ni
My great lord,
In Yoshino,
On the field of Akizu,
On the very plain,
Has placed his trackers,
And in the mountains,
Has built his hides;
On the morning hunt,
The beasts are beaten out,
And with the evening hunt,
The birds are startled up;
Lining up the horses,
He departs on his hunt,
Through the lush fields in springtime.

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