MYS VII: 1068

Composed on the heavens.


amë nö umi
kumo nö nami tati
tukï nö pune
posi nö payasi ni
kögi kömoru miyu
On the sea of the heavens
Waves of cloud arise,
The moon-a boat-
Amongst a forest of stars
Rows on, hidden, or so it seems.


2 thoughts on “MYS VII: 1068”

  1. FYI

    天の海に 雲の波立ち 月の舟 星の林に 漕ぎ隠る見ゆ

    I believe this is 柿本人麻呂s’ waka from 万葉集 巻7 1068.

    Thank you so much for your great work. They are very helpful.

    Best regards,

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