MYS XI: 2592


noti pa nani semu
wa ga inoti
ikeru pi ni koso
When I have died of love
What will you do then?
While my life’s
Living days remain
I wish that we would meet!

3 thoughts on “MYS XI: 2592”

  1. Dear sirs,
    I am searching a poem part of a ukiyso-e print of Kunisada Utagawa “Nana Komachi no uchi” “Sōshi array Komachi” and starting by “Mahana ni….;” which was part of the “Man’yōshū”. Any cue? Can you help me to find it and also his translation in English.
    Many many thanks

    1. The poem on Kunisada’s print Sōshi arai Komachi (‘Komachi washing the book’) is:
      makanaku ni
      nani o tane tote
      ukikusa no
      nami no uneune

      ‘While it is unrolled,
      I wonder what from this seed might spring;
      Duckweed in
      The wandering waves
      Must grow in profusion!’
      I believe you are mistaken about this being in Man’yōshū, though.
      Hope that helps!

    2. Many many thanks. It took me a year before I found your message…..
      I do collect ukiyo e prints. I am always missing information when there is a poem on the print. As some body translated somewhere all these small (always so special and beautiful poems),

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