MYS XVI: 3813

A envoy in  a certain book.


wa ga inoti wa
wosiku mo arazu
sani turau
kimi ni yorite zo
nagaku porisesi
My life
I do not regret, for
My ruddy-cheeked
Lord’s sake
I wanted it to be long…

Of the above poems, it is said, ‘Once there was a maiden. Her family name was Kurumamochiuji. Her husband went away and many years passed without his return. All that time, the maiden thought fondly of him, suffering, and eventually took to her bed, ill, wasted away day-by-day, and soon was close to death. Then she sent a messenger to her husband, asking him to return. After she did so, with tears streaming down her face, the maiden whispered these poems to herself, and finally died.’

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