Poetry Competitions

This page is under construction, but I’ll gradually add links to all of the different poetry competitions represented on the site.

  • Minbukyō yukihira no uta’awase 民部卿行平歌合 (‘The Poetry Competition held by Minister of Popular Affairs Yukihira’), Summer, Ninna 仁和 1-3 [885-887]
  • Chūjō miyasudokoro uta’awase 中将御息所歌合 (‘The Poetry Competition of the Middle Captain Lady of the Bedchamber’), Before the 26th day of the Eighth Month, Ninna 3 [887]
  • Dairi no kiku awase 内裏菊合 (‘The Palace Chrysanthemum Competition’), Autumn Ninna 4-Kanpyō 3[888-892]


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