Ariwara no Yukihira

Ariwara no Yukihira (?818-?893) was the older brother of Narihira and is chiefly remembered now for the fate which befell him, rather than for his poetic skills. Like his brother, Yukihira was a courtier, but unlike him a relatively successful one, holding a number of government positions and eventually rising to the postition of Middle Councillor (chûnagon). He fell foul of the powerful Fujiwara family and was sentenced to exile in Suma. He thus became the archetypal poetic exile, remembered and celebrated whenever such a fate was recalled, most especially by Genji in Genji Monogatari, the ‘Tale of Genji’.

On, the following poems are by Yukihira:

KKS I: 23 KKS VIII: 365 GSS XI: 720 GSS XV: 1075

'Simply moving and elegant'