Ōshikōchi no Mitsune

Ōshikōchi no Mitsune 凡河内躬恒 (Fl. 898-922) served time as a provincial governor away from Kyôto and upon his return distinguished himself in poetry competitions at court. He was rewarded by being made one of the compilers of the Kokinshū, and ranks as one of the great poets of his day.

Mitsune has the following poems in the Japan 2001 Waka:

KKS II: 127
KKS II: 132
KKS II: 134
KKS III: 161
KKS III: 164
KKS III: 167
KKS III: 168
KKS IV: 179
KKS IV: 180
KKS IV: 213
KKS IV: 219
KKS IV: 233
KKS IV: 234
KKS V: 313
KKS VI: 329
KKS VI: 338
KKS XI: 481
KKS XIX: 1015
SIS V: 288
SIS IX: 514
SIS XVI: 1000

'Simply moving and elegant'