Fujiwara no Akisue

Fujiwara no Akisue 藤原顕季 (1055-1123), a learned and technically faultless poet, is, perhaps, best-rembered today for the location of his house, built at the crossing of Rokujō and Karasuma. The conservative poetic salon he established here took the name Rokujô to represent it and counts among its members many of the more conservative poets, such as Fujiwara no Akisuke, Fujiwara no Kiyosuke, Fujiwara no Motosuke and Fujiwara no Ari’ie. Nevertheless, Japanese poetry owes Akisue a major debt in that it was he, as an early scholar of the Man’yōshū, who did most to recover and popularise the poetry of Kakinomoto no Hitomaro among later generations.

On WakaPoetry.net, the following poems are by Akisue:

KYS I: 1 KYS VIII: 510

'Simply moving and elegant'