Fujiwara no Kintō

Fujiwara no Kintō 藤原公任(966-1041) was already a gifted poet by the age of 19, when he was a regular participant in poetry competitions (uta awase) arranged by the court. His poetic skills and knowledge were so valued by his contemporaries that he was often asked to be the judge of such competitions in later life. His crowning achievement was to be commissioned to compile the Shūishū on his own, the first single person to be given such a responsibility. Perhaps more important historically, however, is his collection of exemplary poems, the Kingyokushū, the ‘Collection of Gold and Jewels’. This provided a template for a substantial number of later works of poetic criticism.

Kintō has the following poems on WakaPoetry.net:

SIS XVII: 1093 GSIS VII: 434 Sanekata Shū 135

'Simply moving and elegant'