SKS VII: 225

Topic unknown.


wezi no taku Fi no
yoru Fa moFe
Firu Fa kietutu
mono wo koso omoFe
On guard at the Palace,
Conscripts kindle flames to
Burn throughout the night, and
Dwindle with the day:
As do I, for love of you.

Ōnakatomi no Yoshinobu

3 thoughts on “SKS VII: 225”

  1. Regarding もへ in the third line: WWWJDIC gives 萌える・もえる (to be infatuated) as a homophone for 燃える・もえる (to burn). Was this a standard pun? Is 思へ・おもへ (fond thoughts/feelings) also intended to be suggested by もへ, or is that too far a reach?

    1. 萌える moeru with the meaning ‘to be infatuated’ is a sense that appears after this poem was written. At this point in time the verb was 萌ゆ moyu and was restricted to meaning ‘sprout’ or ‘bud’. It could, however, be used figuratively in poetry about emotions appearing, and potentially that is an additional meaning here – the fires burn, but also spring up, as do the speaker’s feelings of love.

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