Spring II: 5

Left (Win)


yado o kasumi no
yoso ni mite
kinō mo kyō
nobe ni kurashitsu
Capital folk of
Their homes, through the haze,
Catch a distant glimpse
Yesterday, and again today,
Have they spent among the fields.

A Servant Girl.




kore zo kono
haru no nobe yo to
miyuru kana
ōmiyabito no
For springtime in the fields
Is most apt, indeed:
Folk from the mighty palace
Gathering all together!



For once, the Right describe the Left’s poem as ‘moving’ and have no criticisms to make of it. The Left merely wonder whether ‘folk from the mighty palace’ are entirely suited to the fields.

Shunzei agrees that the construction of ‘Their homes, through the haze,/Catch a distant glimpse’ is particularly good, and that it cannot be said that ‘folk from the mighty palace’ are appropriate for the fields in springtime, but that if they are gathering together, it might be possible. However, in this theme the poet should not be looking on, but be part of the scene, so the Left’s poem must be the winner.

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