Spring III: 4

Left (Win).


nagame wabinu
hikari nodoka ni
kasumu hi ni
hana saku yama wa
nishi o wakanedo
Surfeited with gazing,
In the tranquil light
Of the hazy sun,
At the mountain – blossom-covered –
Yet not on its western side alone…

Lord Sada’ie.




tsurezure to
kurashi zo kanuru
yamazato no
hana sakanu ma no
haru no kokoro wa
In this tedium
I cannot spend my days:
Dwelling on a mountain,
The blossoms not yet blooming
In springtime – or so I feel!

The Provisional Master of the Empress’ Household Office.


Both teams say their feelings are as in the previous round.

Shunzei says, ‘The final stanza ‘At the mountain – blossom-covered – yet not on its western side alone…’ (hana saku yama wa nishi o wakanedo) appears particularly splendid. The Right’s ‘I cannot spend my days: dwelling on a mountain’ (kurashi zo kanuru yamazato no) is also good, but ‘The blossoms not yet blooming’ (hana sakanu ma) would be more appropriate for a poem on the end of the First, or beginning of the Second Month. Wouldn’t it?’

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