Summer I: 29

Left (Win).


utatane no
yume yori saki ni
akenu nari
yama hototogisu
hitogoe no sora
Before even a brief dozy
‘Tis light, with
A mountain cuckoo’s
Single song in the skies.

A Servant Girl.




ashihiki no
yama hototogisu
matsu tote mo
nenu yo no sora ni
akuru shinonome
The leg-wearying
Mountain cuckoo
I would await, still
Sleepless, the night sky
Is dark before dawn’s light.



The Right state that the Left’s poem this round is ‘exceptionally wonderful’, while the Left simply remark that the Right’s poem is ‘old-fashioned in parts’.

Shunzei states, ‘The gentlemen of the Right have already judged the Left’s poem. All that I can say is that it is better than exceptionally wonderful. Thus, the Left must win.’

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