Summer II: 25

Left (Win).


arashi fuku
kozue haruka ni
naru semi no
aki o chikashi to
sora o tsugu nari
A storm wind blows
The distant treetops, where
The cicadas sing
Of coming autumn
To the skies.

Lord Sada’ie.




aoki momiji no
shita suzumi
atsusa wa semi no
koe in yuzurinu
Lush and
Green beneath the maple leaves
‘Tis cool;
The heat by cicadas
Song is summoned.



The Right state that, ‘“Sing…to the skies” (sora o tsugu) goes against the spirit of the topic,’ while the Left wonder, ‘What we can make of “green maple leaves” (aoki momiji)?’

Shunzei states, ‘The Left’s “sing of coming autumn to the skies” (aki o chikashi to sora o tsugu nari) is superlative. The Right’s “green maple leaves” (aoki momiji) must mean that the poet, on seeing a tree which turns scarlet, rather than green, recollects the autumn colour. However, “the heat” and the diction in the concluding line are somewhat pedestrian and unpoetic. I must award the victory to the Left.’

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