Summer II: 26



kumoi made
hibiki ya suran
natsuyama no
mine yori takaki
semi no morogoe
To the very clouds
Do they resound?
In summer, the mountain
Peaks they do surpass:
The cicadas’ jostling songs.

Lord Ari’ie.


Right (Win).


hima koso nakere
ochikochi ni
yagate machitoru
semi no koegoe
Respite from song,
However brief, there’s none!
Both near and far
Wait but a moment and a
Cicada calls.

Lord Takanobu.


The Right say, ‘The conception of the Left’s poem is trite. The comparison of these things (the cicadas’ songs and the mountains’ height) goes against the spirit of the topic.’ The Left have nothing, and no reason, to say anything.

Shunzei agrees: ‘Better than the over-wrought language of the Left’s poem, the Right’s “Both near and far wait but a moment” (ochikochi ni yagate machitoru) suits the topic well. The Right must win.’

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