Summer II: 3

Left (Win).


suzushi to mo
omoi mo hatezu
asayūkage no
hodo ni zo arikeru
Of coolness,
Can I feel nothing in
My summer garb;
For ‘tween the light of morn and eve
Alone does it lie.

Lord Suetsune.




usukai koso
tamoto suzushiki
kaze fukaneba
My summer garb is
Thin, yet effect
Has it none, when
Upon my sleeve a cool
Breeze blows not.

Lord Tsune’ie.


The Right remark that ‘the topic seems sidelined’ in the Left’s poem, to which the Left respond that their poem ‘is clearly about the appearance of the summer sun.’ The Left have no comments to make of the Right’s poem.

Shunzei states that ‘the Right’s “breeze blows not” (kaze fukaneba) is slightly less satisfactory than the Left’s approach, and their poem wins.’ (By this he means he prefers the more indirect statement on the heat of summer in the Left’s poem.)

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