SZS XVI: 961

In the reign of Retired Emperor Ichijō, when the Empress contributed to the Gosechi Dances, on the last day she presented 12 girls of her retinue, all, down to the lowest, dressed in aozuri; when one of them, Hyōe by name, was tying her scarlet belt, she asked someone to do it up for her; hearing this, Captain Sanekata, saying he would do it, recited, “Leg-wearying/The mountain spring waters/Are frozen, yet/What belt/Will melt it, I wonder?” On hearing him, Sei Shōnagon composed this in reply:


uFa koFori
aFa ni musuberu
Fimo nareba
kazazu Fikage ni
yurubu bakari wo
The ice above is
Light as foam-and lightly tied
Is this belt-so
Shining sunlight
Alone will loosen it!

Sei Shōnagon

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  1. This incident occurred at the Gosechi Festival of 993, as recounted in section 85 of the Pillow Book, Sankanbon text (McKinney).

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