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GSS XV: 1104

When she had been living with Prince Motonaga for some time, as an amusement the Prince tied up a box with something in it with his under-belt and, saying he would be back for it, left it lying about somewhere; after he had gone out, she was abducted and hidden away by Prince Tsune’akira, and it was only after many days and months had gone by that she returned to her former house, and sent the box, with this to Prince Motonaga.


akete dani
nani ni ka Fa mimu
mizu no e no
urasima no ko wo
Even should I open it
What is it that I might see?
By the waters’ edge
The lad from Urashima
Is ever in my thoughts…


SIS XVII: 1141

During the Tenryaku era, when people had gathered at Ise’s house, to say that she was coming.


Furinisi yado no
koto no Fa Fa
Ever does the drizzle
Fall at my home –
My leaves of words
I sweep all together, but
Never does it end.

Nakatsukasa (?912-?991)